Wells Lamont 541L Latex Coated Knit, Womens Gardening Glove, Large


(as of 09/16/2014 at 11:54 UTC)


Wells Lamont 541L Women's Gardening Gloves, Latex Coated Knit, Large - Women's Wet and Muddy Conditions latex palm coated knit gloves are a must for any gardener. Form fitting with excellent wet and dry grip latex palm coating keeps your hands clean and dry. Good dexterity, and heavier coating cushions your hands for tougher tasks. Gloves are washable, easy to hose off, and they dry quickly. Knit shell allows your hands to breath and work longer. Foam latex coating offers more cushioning than nitrile palm coated gloves.


  • 1-Pair of Women's Gardening Gloves, Large sized
  • Rubber dipped palm coating provides great protection again muddy conditions
  • Gloves are dipped in latex for excellent wet and dry grip
  • Random color will ship to you, cannot choose color
  • Use these gloves with hand tools, or wet and muddy cleanup

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