The Garden Stamp: Stop Plotting. Start Planting.


(as of 09/16/2014 at 11:40 UTC)


The Garden Stamp is a one square foot, pegged gardening tool with a generous handle. It imprints a distinct pattern in soft soil, making it easier to plant vegetable, herb and flower seeds with consistent spacing. The Easy Dot Planting Guide, included with each tool, shows you simple ways to the most efficient use of planting space without a single measurement. Flat bottom holes imprinted by the Stamp make it easy to see where seeds have been placed. Weighing in at two pounds, the milk crate plastic Garden Stamp is designed for gardeners of all ages and abilities. Additional planting tips, charts and guides are available at no cost on our website. Connect with us on social media for gardening how-to videos, raised garden bed plans, companion planting suggestions and more. Directions: Loosen the soil. Press Garden Stamp to desired depth and imprint pattern. Plant seeds following Garden Stamp's Easy Dot Planting Guide.


  • Toss that yardstick! Garden without measuring.
  • Fastest way to plant a raised garden bed.
  • Easy Dot Planting Guide included.
  • Designed for all ages and abilities.
  • Great for school and community gardens.

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