Pruners, Ratchet Anvil Garden Shears, Tool For Weak Hands, Great Gift For Gardeners, Ratcheting Action, Free – Video Training Guide, Makes Pruning Trees, Shrubs, Evergreens, Flowers, Perennials Easier, Prunes Wood Up To 1″, Right Or Left Handed, Easy To Use For People With Small Or Weak Hands, Arthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Gardening Is Fun With This Great Tool, Lifetime Guarantee.


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The Gardener's Friend - 3-Stage Action Ratchet Pruner Takes the Pain Out of Pruning!

If You Suffer from Debilitating Hand Mobility Problems Like Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or Arthritis and...You Still Love Gardening, This Is the Tool For YOU!

Here's the problem! Most hand pruners are just too difficult to use for those with compromised hand strength, mobility and function.

Let's Talk About Your Hands!

- 3 Stage Ratchet Action Makes it Easy on the Hands
- Soft Rubber Hand Grip Absorbs Pressure
- Tough Cuts Become Easy
- Both Left and Right Hand Locks makes it Ambidextrous

What About the Tree Branches?

- Coated Blade Slides Through Wood Without Tearing
- Detachable Oiled Sponge Cleans Blade
- This Prevents Both Fungi and Disease

How About the Pruners Themselves?

- Hardened Carbon Steel Blade Stays Sharp
- Anvil "Channel Coating" Prevents Blade from Dulling
- Lightweight Aluminum Construction Won't Rust
- Replaceable Blade in Case of Breakage

Let's Face It! Many Of Us Are Losing Our Precious Hand Mobility. What Makes This Product Special is that Many People With Reduced Hand Function Can Use it With Ease!

There Are Many Other Pruners on the Market and Some at Much Higher Prices Including So-Called Premium Brands...But...None Have all the Benefits of The Gardener's Friend Pruners!

Quite Possibly "The Very Best 3-Stage Ratchet Pruners On the Market Today"

Our Guarantee:

If you are not satisfied, return them for a full refund!

This Introductory Price Won't Last Long!

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  • • ✓GUARANTEED TO LAST A LIFETIME: If you use The Gardener's Friend Ratchet Hand Pruners in the manner and for the use that they were intended they will last a lifetime! Like any tool, if they are used for the wrong purpose or incorrectly they can be broken. We recommend that you value this tool and learn to use it property to ensure its long term functionality and reliability.
  • • ✓ TAKE THE CHALLENGE! Compare our pruners to any other high calibre brand of non-ratchet pruners and try to make a one inch cut through a branch of wood. Going through the stages of the cut using our pruners will take a bit longer but you will be able to complete the cut and with much less hand pressure required. We estimate from half to one third of the hand squeeze pressure is required compared to a normal anvil or bypass pruners.
  • • ✓ THE GARDENER'S FRIEND PRUNERS FEATURES: These defining features set our pruners apart from others in the marketplace: Lightweight alloy construction, hardened high carbon steel blade, rubberized hand grip, index finger guide, looped hand grip, left or right handed usage and latch, 3 to 4 stage ratchet action, removable oil sponge, coated blade and anvil groove, removable/replaceable blade,
  • • ✓ WHO CAN USE THE GARDENER'S FRIEND PRUNERS?: Wow, just about anyone but especially professional nursery owners/workers, Nursery educators, landscapers, Landscape schools and universities, Arborists, Teachers, Students, Moms, Pops, Greenhouse owners, Growers, Grandmas and Grampas, and all types of gardeners particularly those with hand mobility issues and in need of ergonomically correct pruners,
  • • ✓ WHERE, WHEN AND WHY ARE THESE PRUNERS SO USEFUL? As we, the gardeners and green industry professionals get older it is necessary to accommodate our new weaknesses and disabilities with new ergonomically designed secateurs and other tools so that working in the garden and the tree nursery does not mean pain. Used correctly they will be easy on the hands and will last for years. These Pruners also make awesome gifts. As the holiday and gift giving season gets closer, what could be a more appropriate gift for the mature gardener than a set of these awesome pruners. They make a great Christmas present, Thanksgiving gift, birthday gift and as spring starts to approach a few months from now, just a great anytime gift to show the gardener in your life that you care!

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