Professional Adhesive Gardening Tape beats unsightly ties to support, train, graft plants, tress, flowers


(as of 09/16/2014 at 11:47 UTC)


Professional Gardener's Choice: Engineered and refined over a decade, our unique adhesive garden tape offers the right balance in adherence, stretch and resilience to support your plants without cutting, confining or girdling them. With over 65 feet (20 meters) in length, you not only have plenty to grow your plants right but you can use it both indoor and outdoor across multiple applications. Usage: 1) As you use our tape, you will come to find many applications around your home, work or even your car 2) Spring and summer for planting and fall and winter to secure plants against winds 3) Staking, Training, Grafting, Supporting all kinds for plants - trees, flowers, etc. 4) For Bundling and Securing odds and ends. 5) Gardening, Landscaping, Camping, and many more uses.


  • EASY TO USE: Adhesive tape needs no tying!
  • MAINTENANCE FREE: No need to remember to take it off (to prevent damaging trees). Expands with the diameter of the tree to accommodate its growth.
  • WORRY FREE: It leaves no cuts, marks, or residue on the plant
  • ROBUST: Strong to support the plant against harsh winds. Ultra violet (UV) resistant to stand sun light
  • PROFESSIONAL : It brings professional neat look to your garden without ugly ties or straps. Its green color keeps it in harmony with any garden setting

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