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The joys of a garden come with hard work, skill, and a little luck.  We'll leave the skill and luck up to you, but our Homegrown 3-Piece Garden Tool Set make the hard work so much easier with these three essential tools that every good gardener needs.

TRANSPLANTER - Inch and centimeter marks insure that you'll always set your seeds and small plants to exactly the right depth.

TROWEL - Dig, transplant or turn soil with an aluminum blade that won't bend, break or rust.

CULTIVATOR - Loosen soil, uproot weeds and give your planting beds a tidy raked look.

Homegrown Garden Tools are used in gardens large and small, from backyard and patio gardens to raised bed and window box planters.  Plus with our Lifetime Warranty and unparalleled customer service, you know you're getting the top quality garden tools from a company that proudly stands behind every tool we sell.

And if you're looking for the perfect gift, the Homegrown 3-Piece Garden Tool Set come in its own eye-catching burlap tote sack that's sure to please.

So order your Homegrown 3-Piece Garden Tool Set today and soon you'll say...

The Best is Always Homegrown!


  • Durable, rust-resistant, one-piece polished aluminum garden tools guaranteed not to bend or break.
  • Large ergonomic handles with a thumb rest reduce hand and wrist fatigue. Ideal for gardeners who have difficulty holding tools with narrow or short handles.
  • Bright green color easy to spot in garden. Reinforced handle holes convenient for storage.
  • Distinctive burlap tote sack included. The Homegrown 3-Piece Garden Tool Set makes a great gift.
  • Backed by 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty.

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