Hedge Shears – Heavy Duty Garden Tool – *High Quality Trimmers With Angled Blades for Extra Sharpness* – Easy to Handle Clippers For Trimming Branches, Trees, Bushes, & Hedging Your Plants Outdoors – Sharp Cuts for Thick Shrub – Great Add to Your Gardening and Pruning Supplies – Better Than Bypass Lopper – 100% Guarantee!


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The Ideal Garden Shears that bring you reliability, comfort, safety, and perfect delicate cuts.

You know you have done right when you are able to complete any pruning or hedging in your landscape at any time with one set of shears! These shears are compatible for trimming branches, trees, bushes, flowers, you name it. The fact that they are 18 1/2" long, shows that you are able to reach to areas that are hard to get to otherwise, bringing you safety as well as a faster job done!

When purchasing these shears you receive:

**A tool for pruning flowers all the way to hedging/trimming bushes, trees, and branches.

**Durability, reliability, and extra sharp blades made for long term use.

**Comfort of long wooden handles that makes the job easier, as well as more safe.

**World Class Customer Service!

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  • COMFORT & CONTROL: Want to make hedging your garden much more comfortable and easier? With these hedge shears you are able to trim hard to reach places around your garden, trees, and bushes. The large wooden handles are easy to handle.
  • COMPLETE TOOL FOR ALL TASKS: The handle design is great for comfortable left or right-handed use. These garden shears are the ideal professional tool for all kinds of hedgine and pruning tasks. From small tasks such as flower cleaning, all the way to more heavy duty tasks such as trimming thick bushes and trees. No need to purchase multiple shears for your landscape.
  • LONG TERM QUALITY: These shears are made with high quality metal, have pointed ends, very sharp, and machine aligned to keep the cutting action smooth and stick-free. The blade tension stays intact, ready for long term use.
  • SIZE SAYS ALL: The blades are 8" long!! The shears measure 18 1/2" from the tip to the handle! Not only is it easier to hedge & prune your outdoor plants and trees, the size alone will add saftey value for you when you're trying to reach up high, especially when you're on a ladder.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: When you order today, you're protected by a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee and world class customer service!

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